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COVID-19 Updates for Families
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Valley View Villa

We are dedicated to providing a compassionate and caring community. Our long-term care professionals share a common goal of continually striving for excellence in all aspects of care for our residents.  

Latest News

Moderna COVID‐19 Vaccine

Dear Families and Designated Caregivers: It is with great excitement to announce that we officially have the Moderna COVID‐19 Vaccine onsite. Tomorrow morning residents will begin their vaccinations. This is expected to finish Wednesday the...

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Visitation Updates

Attention Families: Visits will resume on Thursday February 18th 2021, we will be sticking to one visit a week per resident.  Designated caregiver (either one) and a plus one can visit at a time. If designated caregiver is unable to come they can...

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Re: Chickenpox

Dear families, Public Health has reach out to inform us that a potential varicella zoster cluster (Chickenpox) at Valley View Villa, with 1 confirmed case and 1 probable case that work in the same unit with similar symptom onset date. Possible...

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Our Values

In pursuit of our Vision of providing excellence in all aspects of care for our residents, these values will influence our actions:






Treating individuals with equality in a fair and consistent manner, all the while serving as advocates for their rights.

Making decisions based on sound, ethical principles, honoring our obligations and being accountable for our performance.

Respecting the individual’s right to make informed decisions, being mindful of their physical safety and spiritual wellbeing.

Caring about the individuals and communities we serve, and treating their cultural diversities with dignity.

Being open and honest while fostering trustful relationships, and safeguarding the individual’s right to privacy.



Our Vision

The team at Valley View Villa will continue to work diligently to maintain its standing as a centre of excellence in providing long-term care and support for our residents.