Insured Services: 
These services are included in your daily accommodation charge.
  • Nursing and personal care are on a 24 hour basis, including RN’s, LPN’s , CCA”s and PCW’s
  • Medical Care: Physician; our house physician visits two (2) days a week and Pharmacy services are available seven (7) days a week
  • A Registered Dietitian is available onsite for two (2) days a week
  • Supplies and equipment needed for resident care, including the management of skin care, incontinence and precautions for infection control.
  • Selected over the counter medications and treatment provided.
  • Meal services including three (3) meals daily, snacks and bed lunches, special and therapeutic diets, dietary supplements, assistive devices for eating. Our resident lounges are equipped with small snacks.
  • Laundry services available are washing and drying of personal clothing. Bedding, pillows, towels, washcloths, window curtains are provided. (Adding your own personal touch to your bedroom is encouraged)
  • Bedroom furniture(bed, bedside table, bureau, closet)
  • Housekeeping services are provided daily
  • Rehabilitation services; Physio Therapist  visits once a week ; an on-site physio  aide services five (5) days a week
  • Occupational services available one (1) day a week
  • Pastoral Care services available as needed
  • Access to our secure facility can be made through the main entrance (front of building) and the receiving area door (rear of building) and the Business Office entrance. (open Monday to Friday 8-4).  Security cameras are located at the entrances to the facility for the safety of our residents and staff.
  • Living and leisure space for relaxation; inside and outside. 

Paid Services:
Residents are responsible for fees charged for services or products not covered under the daily accommodation charge. 
  • Transportation charges, including cost of mode (ambulance, CHAD (Central Highlands Association for the Disabled) and accompaniment if applicable. Emergency situations may not allow time for preapproval with POA.
  • Ambulance charges (more info can be found at EHS by clicking here)
  • Prescription drugs not covered under the Pharmacare Program as well as the Co-Payment charges under this program
  • Certain nonprescription drugs not on the Pharmacare Formulary
  • Advanced Food Care is available upon request
  • Beauty salon services( add link to salon prices)
  • Telephone service
  • Dental services including dentures, hearing aids, hearing aid batteries and hearing tests, eye examinations and glasses.
  • Needed repairs and/or replacements of the above personal effects, for Residents who are no longer able to care for their personal effects when there is a potential risk for loss, misplaced and/or damaged personal items.
  • Assistive devices (e.g. Wheelchair, walker, cane, etc.) These items may be available through the Red Cross Program.
  • Personal care products not provided by the Home but preferred by the resident.
  • Any costs associated with the funeral of the resident is the responsibility of the resident or his/her estate. 

Transportation to Medical Appointments
  • When medical appointments outside the home are required, the next of kin will be notified and asked for direction regarding the appointment.
  • The family member has the choice of accompanying their loved one on the appointment for directing us to do it.
  • Priority will be given when booking appointments.
  • Transportation will be booked depending on the need.
  • There is a charge for the transportation and the attendant accompanying the resident. This will be added to the monthly accommodation charge. 

Pastoral Care Services
  • Our pastoral care advisor is available when spiritual support is required for residents and families.
  • Sunday church services are held on Sunday afternoon @ 2:30pm in the first floor dining room. These services are provided by the Pictou County Council of Churches. A schedule is available at each nursing station.
  • Roman Catholic mass is held Thursday morning @ 9:30 am in the second floor dining room.
  • An Anglican service is held on the first Monday of each month. This is held in the second floor dining @ 10am.
  • We will assist to accommodate all pastoral care services for our residents.
  • Pastoral Care is vital to the overall spiritual and emotional well-being of our residents. Special programming is available to assist with this. 

Canteen & Beauty Parlor
  • A small canteen is located on Oak Hall and run by one of our residents. It is open every day with times varying. It consists of pop, chips, cheesies, bars, gum, cough drops, and candy.
  • Vending machines are located in the main lounge. 
  • A beauty salon is located at the end of Willow Hall. A full time hairdresser is available Monday, Tuesday Wednesday & Friday.
  • Appointments may be made by dropping by the salon or telling a nurse.
  • Please click here for the salon price list. 
Mail Services
  • A mailbag is available in the Business Office. Stamps can be purchased in the Business Office or the Senior’s Outreach office.
  • Mail is picked up and delivered Monday through Friday.
  • Resident’s mail is delivered to their room. 
Parking / Visiting
  • Visitors are asked to park in the designated parking areas.
  • Between the hours of 9pm and 7am, all doors are locked and visitors are asked to go to the main entrance or the receiving entrance and use the keypad; and a nurse will buzz you in. 

Physio, Recreational & Occupational Therapy
  • The Occupational Therapist is onsite one (1) day a week and works with residents who have a disability which impacts their activities of daily living.
  • Specialized equipment can be coordinated through the Red Cross. 
  • Our physio therapy team consists of a Physio Therapist visiting one day a week and an onsite physio aide service five (5) days a week.
  • Our recreation team plans activities and events in a fashion that is unique to the desires and needs of the residents. Group activities can be large or small, one on one social visits are given and community outings are done. 

Environmental / Laundry Services
  • Resident’s rooms are furnished and organized to allow for safety, comfort and cleanliness in a home like setting.
  • The environment staff provide a clean and tidy environment.
  • Seasonal clothing/items must be stored at the home of the family. No storage (other than the closet) is available.
  • We strongly recommend that all clothing be of the wash and dry variety. Families have the right to do “special care” clothing on their own.
  • All clothing must go to the laundry for labelling at the time of moving in or as purchased.
  • There is a section in the laundry where “lost and found” items are kept. Please visit the laundry if your loved one is missing something.
  • The laundry is open seven (7) days a week; 7am – 4pm. Please drop by during these hours to have your loved ones clothing labelled.
  • If families wish, they can take the clothes home to be laundered.
  • It is the responsibility of the resident’s families to go through the personal clothing and discard any garments which are no longer appropriate. 
Furniture Requirements
  • In order to comply with Fire Safety Standards, if you want to bring furniture or bedding into the home, you must demonstrate that the item meets an acceptable fire rating code. Health Canada administers the codes for furniture, mattresses, and bedding.
  • For more information, contact the Maintenance Department. 

Dietary Services
  • A registered dietitian is available onside sixteen (16) hours a week to access each resident’s nutritional status.
  • The food service department is responsible for providing appetizing nourishing meals to our resident. The food is prepared in the kitchen and served in dining rooms or delivered to the bedrooms. Snacks and bed lunch are provided daily.
  • The resident’s lounges are equipped with refrigerators stocked with small snacks. Coffee, Tea, Juice is available in the dining rooms.
  • The food service department is inspected tri-annually to ensure food safety standards are met. Food service staff have completed Food Safety training.
  • Therapeutic diets, dietary supplements and assistive devices for eating are available. A sample menu is available here.
  • Friends and family members wishing to join their loved one for a meal are welcome to do so. When possible, guests are asked to provide at least an hour notice to the dietary staff. Guests can pay for their meal in advance at the Business office or by giving the money to a member of the dietary staff. The cost of each meal is $5.00. 

Business Office Services
  • We recommend that all residents appoint someone to oversee their financial and legal matters, as well as medical consent through a personal directive, before moving into the home. ( NOK (Next Of Kin), POA (Power Of Attorney) & SDM (Substitute Decision Maker).
  • It is the responsibility of the resident or his/her family designate to make arrangements for the payment of monthly fees. These arrangements will be made in the Business Office during the moving in process.
  • Accounts are payable monthly in advance through automatic debit.
  • Resident Personal Trust Account (PTA); Private paying residents are encouraged to open a PTA with the business office. This allows for the payment of in house and leisure expenses. It also eliminates the need for the resident to keep cash on hand.
  • Resident’s Personal Trust Account: Private paying residents are encouraged to open a Personal Trust Account with the business office. This allows for the payment of in-house and incidental expenses; i.e. recreation outings, canteen purchases. It also eliminates the need to keep cash on hand. 

Resident Care Services
  • The Home provides nursing care services on a twenty four (24) hour basis. The Nursing care of our residents involves the inter active teamwork of RN’s, LPN’s, PCW’s, and CCA’s. 

Other services provided include:
  • Palliative care needs
  • Pain/symptoms management
  • Bloodwork and specimen collection
  • Influenza and pneumococcal vaccinations yearly
  • Regular care conference